About Badge Magic

Badge Magic produces a special adhesive in the shapes and sizes of all the common Scouting badges. With Badge Magic, Scouts can attach their achievement badges to their uniforms easily, without having to sew them on. The company launched its product line in 2004 and originally focused solely on the Boy Scouts of America. Now, Badge Magic has expanded its commercial success to more Scouting, youth group, and other programs. Its clientele includes the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Awana, Scouts Canada, American Heritage Girls, and the American Legion. Founder and President David Herbig and his family have been actively involved in Scouting for decades. His long-term involvement with Scouting and experience in project development led him to conceive of an improved method of applying badges and patches to uniforms.

Badge Magic’s adhesive does not damage clothing and withstands multiple cycles in the washer and dryer. Moreover, badges can be easily removed as Scouts move up in rank and require a different uniform. Older uniforms can be handed down to a Scout’s younger siblings, which saves families’ money.

Badge Magic is located in Bellevue, Washington. The company has passed inspection by the Supply Division of the Boy Scouts of America and has earned recognition from customers for its simple solutions for attaching badges to uniforms. Badge Magic kits are patented in the United States, and numerous foreign patents are pending. The company collaborates with Skills, Inc., a firm that employs and trains workers who have disabilities, to produce uniform kits for mass distribution.

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